Heyas! Zeta here!

Heyheyhey! This page has pretty much every dang old way to get in touch with Zeta-Neubourn. (That's me!) Got contact links, commission info and all that jazz!

I also have a Discord, but I can't link to that. :P Username is Zeta-Neubourn#5324

Thanks for dropping by! Hope to hear from you soon! :D

Portfolio Site / ArtStation

If you're looking for examples of my work in a more organized fashion, I do have a Portfolio Carrd. Click here to see it!

I've also got an ArtStation page, if you'd like to see all the WIP processes and such. Click ehre to see it!

Site Links

These are all buttons! They link to different places I'm at! Give 'em a click! :D

Less Vital, But I'm Here Too, Links.

Merch Stores and Tip Jars

Click the names of the sites! They're links!

  • Ko-Fi - A tip jar of sorts, if you're cool with throwing some money my way.

If my name is somewhere that isn't one of these links, it probably ain't me. :P Just a heads up.

Commissions and Adopts

Most of my work is in the above links, so if you want to see more examples, please give those a look!

If you're interested, email me at zetaneubourn(at)yahoo.com OR hit me up on [email protected]!
(I also do Custom Adopts of any of my critters, Reference Sheets and Character Design!)